Decedent Tracking
& Morgue Management

MorgueBoard™ is a revolutionary and reliable solution for decedent tracking throughout all care-after-death and morgue procedures. This HIPAA-compliant, cloud application offers a clear, up-to-date status and location of all deceased patients within any healthcare institution.

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Effortless Transport Tracking

When the decedent physically arrives to your morgue a record will auto-appear informing the morgue of a new case. Additional alerts and notifications will enhance the process for decedent tracking.

Compliance and Error Prevention

MorgueBoard™ prevents errors with rules that adhere to proper check-out procedures, autopsy tracking, patient belongings, and more.

Enhanced Care Coordination

MorgueBoard™ makes it easy for all departments to play their role in decedent management. Whether it’s pathology, security, nursing, or admitting, MorgueBoard™ ensures all departments have a common platform to perform high quality care.

Real-time decedent data

MorgueBoard™ communicates directly with your organization’s clinical system (EHR) to minimize the need for manual data entry.

Inherited security via Single Sign-On

MorgueBoard™ can be configured with existing identity and access management (IAM) systems.

Notifications and alerts

MorgueBoard™ dispatches real-time notifications and alerts to keep your workforce informed and connected.

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