Hydraulic Cadaver Lift

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  • Battery operated hydraulic lift.
  • Designed with a narrow straddle which allows you to ease through congested work areas and narrow aisles.
  • Expanded metal safety screen with reinforced edges for operator protection.
  • Lift powered by a heavy-duty 12V battery with a built-in 12A automatic tapering battery charger.
  • Equipped with floor protective 5in/12cm diameter front load phenolic wheels and a rear foot controlled floor brake mechanism.
  • Floor locks, safety screen and foot guard are standard.
  • Reversible forks for increased lifting height.
  • Front phenolic wheels are 5″ diameter and static, rear phenolic swivel casters are 4″ diameter.
  • Forks: 1in/2cm thick x 3in/7cm wide x 30in/76cm long.
  • Adjustable span up to 25in/63cm.
  • 15in/38cm load center.
  • Base leg span – 15in/38cm inside, 21in/53cm outside.
  • Front and side rolling caster for all directional moving.

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