Specimen Photo Table


Weight 60.0 lbs

Specimen Photo Table


  • Complete Copystand with high frequency fluorescent lights and light arms, one each side. Ideal for digital imaging and specimen photography these cool full spectrum fluorescent lamps are daylight balanced at 5200K for superb color clarity and operate at 12,000Hz to eliminate flickering in video applications. Free standing light control has on/off main switch and on/off switch for left lamp to permit shadowing on raised, embossed or bas-relief subject matter. Total 72-watt output equivalent to approximately 200-watts of incandescent lighting.


  • Column Custom: black anodized aluminum extrusion.
  • Carriage: Friction drive, dual drive rollers, dual guide rollers, large drive knob.
  • Counterbalance: Spring Long life constant torque.
  • Dual Brake Pads: Feature positive “no-shift” carriage position lock.
  • Camera Support Plate: 2-1/2” H x 5” W, rubber pad.
  • Camera Alignment: Up to 5-1/2” forward, horizontal slot for side alignment.
  • Baseboard: Black powder coated steel with gray screened centering grid.
  • Fluorescent Copylight Set: Includes two (2) adjustable fluorescent copylights permanently mounted to two (2) copylight arms.
  • Light output 36W each, 72W total (equivalent to approximately 200W incandescent).
  • Color temperature 5200K
  • Light control: Power switch for both lights, left lamp on/off switch only.
  • Electrical 120/240VAC – 1.5/.75A
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