Forensic Pathology Laboratory Equipment and Refrigeration

Empowering pathology & anatomy professionals with the leading platform of products and solutions for the advancement of diagnostic accuracy, safety, research, education, and the treatment of disease.

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Since 1985, Mortech Manufacturing has provided high-quality American-made laboratory solutions to the pathology and anatomy industry. Mortech Manufacturing is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company with NSF certification. We adhere to all Leed Green and CE standards. And, as always, we are proud to be a part of the MADE IN THE USA tradition.

Trusted by America's Top Healthcare Laboratory Institutions

Wall-Mounted Autopsy Station: There are countless ways to configure your workstation to your individual preferences & laboratory needs.

Large removable instrument drawers.

Integrated Equipment Systems:
Autopsy Carrier with removable
stainless steel tray.

Cart latch locking mechanism.

Hanging Scales:
Digital readout and traditional autopsy scales options available for accurate specimen weighing. Accurate to 0.1% of full scale.
Deluxe Aspirator
With reverse flow for additional waste
removal: the “reverse flow” feature
instantly relieves suction clogging by
providing a reverse pressure of water.

Exhaust duct ventilation.

Formalin dispensing and collection.

Body positioners to facilitate fluid
drainage, minimize pathologist fatigue
and improve examination accuracy.

Full-length specimen shelf.

The Leading Experts on Anatomic and Forensic Pathology Equipment and Workflow

At Mortech, we’re not just supplying equipment, we’re raising the standard of care in laboratories to meet the highest safety standards possible. We offer a suite of solutions that adapt to your lab’s needs, supplying an integrated ecosystem to optimize workflows, improve specimen tracking, and ensure user safety.

Mopec Group, a testament to strategic growth and industry leadership, was established following the acquisition of Mortech Manufacturing in 2021. Mopec Group represents over 30 years of unparalleled expertise and innovation in anatomic and forensic pathology, developing systems and solutions that facilitate safer gross examinations. As we continue to evolve, Mopec Group remains committed to getting feedback, improving design, and delivering unparalleled products and services to contribute to the diagnosis, treatment, and curing of disease.

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