Morgue Refrigerators

As the largest morgue refrigeration manufacturer in the United States, Mortech Manufacturing is committed to providing top-tier solutions to meet your facility’s needs. Discover Mortech’s extensive array of refrigeration solutions tailored for pathology and anatomy facilities, featuring walk-in units, small door refrigerators, forensic lab freezers, and cadaver lockers.

Walk-In Refrigeration

Our Walk-in Mortuary Coolers and Freezers offer optimal solutions for various cadaver storage needs. These units are customizable to fit your available space and can be equipped with different cadaver racks to accommodate facilities of any size.

Our units can be tailored to your specifications and feature various metal finishes, door options, alarm systems, refrigeration controls, and dehumidifier systems. Provide details regarding your available space, cadaver storage requirements, and budget constraints.

We specialize in delivering solutions that precisely meet your needs. Our units are designed with prefabricated modular panels, ensuring easy assembly, disassembly for relocation or expansion, and temperature control adjustments. Trust us to provide a solution that aligns perfectly with your requirements.

Walk-In Refrigeration Features For Forensic Pathology And Anatomy Laboratories

Walk-in Refrigerator with Cantilever Storage Racks and Mortuary Rack Systems

Mortech’s walk-in refrigeration combined with Adjustable Cantilever Storage Racks and Mortuary Racks are the perfect solution for forensic pathology and anatomy laboratories looking to maximize storage space and enhancing accessibility within walk-in coolers. Racks systems are equipped with leveling pads for added stability. Mortech provides comprehensive solutions for every facilities needs. Explore below our drawings showcasing our top configurations for walk-in coolers and storage rack systems.

Walk-In Autopsy Storage Carts System

Walk-In Mortuary Racks Storage System

Walk-In Mortuary Racks And Specimen Body Box Storage System

Body Box Refrigeration

Mortech Manufacturing provides body box coolers and freezer solutions tailored to pathology and anatomy laboratories. Our American-made body box refrigeration units are designed to meet your facility’s unique needs and are available in sizes ranging from 2 to 15. With versatile loading options, top-tier commercial-grade hardware, and premium materials, our units guarantee exceptional quality and reliability. Contact Mortech today for a personalized quote and discover the perfect refrigeration solution for your laboratory.

Body Box Refrigeration Features For Forensic Pathology And Anatomy Laboratories

Body Box Refrigerator Systems

Mortech’s Body Box Cooler are the ideal solution for facilities where space is limited. With its compact footprint, this cooler offers practicality without compromising on functionality. Mortech’s offers a versatile range of body boxes, spanning from 2 to 15 body capacity. Our lineup encompasses a wide array of configurations, including roll-in, front loading, side loading, dual-temperature, passthrough, and more. Explore below our drawings showcasing our top configurations for body box refrigeration systems.

Mobile Body Box Refrigerator

Roll-In Body Box Refrigerator

Cadaver Lockers Body Box Refrigerator

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