Adjustable Strap Lift Assembly with Scale Attachment

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  • Cadaver lift and scale all in one.
  • Includes fork attachment, scale, and strap assembly M607
  • (4) adjustable nylon straps pictured, no longer available. See HERE for new model with rigid body straps – Slick straps rigid enough to slide effortlessly under the remains, yet flexible enough to contour the decedent, thus preventing slippage.
  • (8) twisted steel cables.
  • Three step process:
    1. Slide straps underneath remains
    2. Attach to the strap lift assembly
    3. Lift and weigh
  • Compatible with our digital or dual dial hanging scales.
  • 1000 lbs/453 kg capacity scale.
  • Scale is congruent with Model M607 cadaver strap assembly.
  • Clear 8′ minimum ceiling height working from a 36″ table height.
  • (4) 36″L x 3″W rigid body straps.
  • (8) Adjustable nylon straps with d-rings.

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