Biopsy Bags – Premium

Easy to open and available in three convenient sizes, you’ll find our nylon mesh biopsy bags are the optimal solution for protecting specimens during tissue processing.

Manufactured with Specimen Safety in Mind
A twisted, multiple filament design creates a textured exterior on Mortech’s Premium Biopsy Bags, unlike other biopsy bags on the market. This specialty pattern gives the bags a tacky feel, making them easier to grab. Having constant seam strength on the edges of the bags not only makes them easier to open, but also helps reduce specimen loss by preventing “the trampoline effect.”

Efficient Packaging
While other biopsy bags are packaged loosely, Mortech’s Premium Biopsy Bags are organized specifically to make it easier for the end user. Our biopsy bags are neatly stacked and oriented in the same direction, minimizing opening time and optimizing workspace efficiency for pathologist assistants.

  • Ensure unrestricted fluid movement around tissue
  • Made from nylon, 0.2mm mesh diameter
  • All seams are heat-sealed
  • Reduce reagent carryover and pressure artifacts often found with sponges
  • Rapidly remove specimen with convenient peel-open bag
  • Reduces the loss of small biopsy specimens
  • Available in (2) sizes.
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