Elevating Pathology Workstation with Downdraft & Backdraft Ventilation

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  • Model GL100 Elevating Pathology Grossing Station is our premiere unit. All required features for any grossing procedure comes standard.
  • All stainless steel construction of the entire work area and all exterior closure panels.
  • Height adjustment from 32 in./81 cm. to 44 in./111 cm. via electro-hydraulic mechanism.
  • Ergonomic knee space adjustments allow for seated working height
  • Dissecting area rinse to provide a constant flow of water below the work area.
  • Exhaust duct for connection to building ventilation system with adjustable bellows. Includes both downdraft and backdraft ventilation.
  • Foot operated faucet control for hot and cold water.
  • Spray hose assembly with hand control.
  • Heavy-duty commercial waste disposal, 1/2 hp and switch.
  • Top mounted LED light fixtures.
  • Formalin container with spigot.
  • Stainless steel C-fold paper towel holder.
  • Magnetic instrument holder.
  • Polyethylene dissecting board.
  • GFCI duplex receptacle with waterproof cover.
  • Pegboard Backsplash option available!
  • Please inquire about any custom layouts and designs.
  • Options are based on available space.
  • When planning an order, we will assist you in selecting options to complete your system.
  • Click link below to view available options, typical dimensions, and additional accessories.

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