Foot Elevated Immersion Dissection Table

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The Immersion Table is a uniquely designed storage chamber. When not in use, the cadaver is lowered into a preservation solution and is easily raised by a gas spring assisted foot elevated lifting mechanism. The foot operated lifting mechanism protects students or personnel from injury by avoiding manual lifting. Primarily designed for use in research laboratories and medical schools.

  • All stainless steel construction.
  • Heliarc welded seams and joints ground and polished to a smooth finish.
  • Cadaver tray fabricated for strength and easy drainage.
  • Stainless steel hinged hood.
  • 8 in./20 cm. casters, all with brake mechanisms.
  • .75 in/2 cm. Ball valve on drain for hose attachment and fluid control.
  • Foot operated hydraulic lifting mechanism, on both ends, raises
    immersion tray. Automatic lock mechanism locks elevation pedals
    to keep tray in raised position.
  • Accessory holder (Support sockets) are located on all (4) corners to accommodate the optional bookstand, leg supports, and/or instrument tray holder.
  • Over-the-Body bookstand instrument tray holder available for this model ONLY.
  • Stainless steel adjustable bookstand
  • Stainless steel leg supports
  • Stainless steel drain pail
  • Drain pail cover
  • Instrument tray holder
  • Drain hose assembly for connection to ball valve
  • Hood latch for lock
  • Please inquire about any custom layouts and designs.
  • When planning an order, we will assist you in selecting options to complete your system.

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