Mopec 810 Pathology Saw


The Mopec 810 Pathology Saw remains as the industry standard in anatomic & forensic pathology.

Pathology saws are essential equipment for a number of laboratory dissections procedures. These saws operate with high-speed oscillation, which enables them to cut through bone quickly without damaging surrounding soft tissue. This feature reduces the risk of exposure to infected tissue and eliminates the need for a blade guard. Pathology saws are commonly utilized for various purposes, such as removing the skull cap, making linear incisions, and extracting small bone samples. The Mopec 810 Pathology Saw is recognized as the most durable and powerful saw on the market. Its slender handle provides precise control to practitioners. It has a powerful motor that produces 17,000 rpm and 32,000 oscillations per minute.

Toughest & Longest Lasting

The Mopec 810 Pathology Saw ranks as one of the toughest & long lasting saws ever made. Mopec Pathology Saws are easy to handle and easy to clean. The cast aluminum housing will not warp with heat over time and prolonged use like other plastic housings.

Cleanability & Maintenance

The Mopec 810 has a lifetime lubrication system and no lubrication is required. Clean by wiping the external surfaces with a soft, lint-free cloth moistened with a non-abrasive, mild detergent and water. Wipe dry.


Cutting action is achieved by high speed oscillation of the blade. The blade cuts on both the backward and forward strokes of the excursion. Soft tissue moves with the blade and is not cut by the blade; therefore, no blade guard is necessary to protect the operator.


Hold the instrument close to the saw blade with one hand, with the index finger extending under the oscillating head. In this position, the motor serves as a counterbalance. To engage more blade teeth and allow for more efficient cutting, the blade can be moved slightly up and down as the cut progresses.

Powerful Motor

The Mopec 810’s powerful motor produces 17,000 rpm which causes the blades to swing at 32,000 oscillations per minute. The blade swings approximately 1/8″ back and forth. The hard material is cut as it resists the movement, while soft tissue moves easily with the blade.

Unmatched Blades

Mopec blades are known as the highest quality blades available. The Mopec 810 Pathology Saw takes the same blades as the Mopec 1000 Pathology Saw, the Stryker 810 Saw, and other generic pathology saws. Mopec’s affordable pathology saw blades are hardened for increased longevity and sharpness.

  • Voltage: 120V/60Hz/1PH
  • Additional Tools Included: Allen wrench
  • 10 foot cord with hospital grade plug
  • Weight with power cord 3.7 lbs
  • Weight without power cord 3.2 lbs
  • Blade Not Included. Shop compatible blades.
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