Pedestal Autopsy Table Side Loading Independently Height Adjustable

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  • Featuring side loading capabilities on autopsy wing
  • All type 304 stainless steel construction with a polished No. 4 finish.
  • Heliarc-welded seams and joints, ground and polished to match adjoining surfaces.
  • Radii on all inside and outside corners for easy cleaning.
  • Independent Height adjustment via electro-hydraulic mechanism.
  • Plumbing and electrical lines factory installed and require only single point connection at the project location.
  • Backflow protection for all plumbing fixtures to prevent backflow of contaminated water.

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  • Full length perforated dissection grids for autopsy table.
  • Removable access panel.
  • GFCI duplex receptacle with waterproof cover.
  • Deluxe hydro-aspirator with reverse flow, cold water control valve and 10 ft./3 m. of hose.
  • Spray hose assembly with cold water control valve, nozzle, 10 ft./3 m. of flexible hose.
  • Mixing faucet with gooseneck spout and wrist blade handles.
  • Heavy-duty commercial waste disposal, 1/2 hp and switch.
  • Large single compartment sink basin.
  • Tabletop is sloped toward sink basin for rapid and positive drainage.

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  • See image for available options, typical dimensions, and additional accessories.
  • Custom layouts and designs available. Left hand or right hand configurations are determined by autopsy table location.
  • Options are based on available space.
  • Optional backsplash available.
  • When planning an order, we will assist you in selecting options to complete your system.

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