PiSmart Cassette Printer

Quiet. Fast. Accurate.

The best cassette printer on the market. The StatLab PiSmart Single Plus and PiSmart Six are designed to improve accuracy, efficiency and automation in your lab. The small footprint makes them ideal to be integrated directly into your Mopec Maestro Grossing Station, further eliminating the chance of errors. Now available directly from Mopec, request a quote on your StatLab PiSmart Cassette Printer today.

Increase laboratory automation and reduce errors with the PiSmart on-demand thermal transfer cassette printer.


  • PiSmart Single Plus: 1 Hopper (40 cassettes)
  • PiSmart Six: 6 Hoppers (240 cassettes)

Simple and Flexible

  • Each cassette prints in 3–5 seconds, the fastest available print time
  • Small footprint makes it a practical fit next to your grossing station
  • True on-demand printing; print what you need, when you need it


  • Built-in scanner and label design software – no PC required
  • 2D barcode printing empowers downstream applications including slide printing
  • User login and tracking helps create traceability for root cause analysis

High Quality

  • Print up to 85 characters on each cassette face in high-quality 300 dpi; 70% more characters than other printers
  • Pi Cassette patented design ensures printing is not compromised during de-waxing
  • Dark, dense printing that doesn’t smear
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