Portable Cadaver Scissor Lift with Scale

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  • Power lifting system designed to eliminate manual lifting and transporting.
  • Smooth and quiet, scissor action, electro mechanical actuator.
  • Tables can carry up to 450 lbs/204 kg.
  • Great for making the work loads lighter by being able to elevate all size bodies to most five tier storage rack heights.
  • Designed to extend from a minimum height of 15.25in/38cm and provide access to the top of storage racks at 79in/200cm.
  • Allows for safe loading and unloading. Easy to operate and highly maneuverable.
  • Manufactured using heavy-duty stainless steel tubular sections.
  • Scale with indicator.
  • Activated by two control switches to raise and lower body laden trays.
  • Integral dual-voltage battery charger able to be connected to a standard mains socket.
  • Flip latch secures loads and helps prevent shifting.
  • The conveyor platform has (5) rollers for smooth loading action.
  • (4) 5in/12cm full-swivel solid casters, combined with a narrow frame allow easy maneuverability in tight spaces.
  • Accommodates body trays that are 25.5in/64cm wide with flat bottoms.
  • To aid in steering, (1) wheel has the ability to lock by using a manual pin swivel lock.
  • Wall mount charging station for extra batteries.
  • Custom widths available.
  • Split roller to allow drain.
  • 220-240 VAC (50/60 Hz) available.

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