1036-1R – Water Control Unit

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  • Tall Filler Spout for Embalming Machine
    The tall faucet is designed for your embalming machine to fit under the spout. By using the master mixing valve, you can supply the desired temperature to the tank of your machine. The spout is easily turned out of the way when not in use.
  • Master Mixing Valves
    Water temperature to the table rinse and tall faucet are easily controlled with the master mixing valves. Simply adjust lever until the desired temperature is achieved.
  • Easy Installation
    The entire unit is pre-assembled and pre plumbed for easy installation. Simply drop into the cutout in your countertop and connect the utility lines. THe base plate is fabricated of heavy gauge stainless steel. Will install in counters as shallow as 18in/45cm deep.
  • Table Rinse
    A serrated attachment is provided for quick connection of rinse hose. A constant flow of water can be supplied to the embalming table for cleaning or procedure purpose. The rinse is vacuum breaker protected for backflow prevention. Rinse hose included.
  • Hydro-Aspirator Assembly
    A hydro-aspirator with built-in vacuum breaker prevents contamination of your water supply. The clear sight drain also prevents contamination since the air gap will not allow aspirated material back into the aspirator assembly. A valve is provided to control water supply to the aspirator assembly. Included 10ft/3m aspirator hose & 5in/12cm draw hose.
  • LW480 Aspirator
    Deluxe hydro-aspirator with built-in vacuum breaker and control lever to be used to reverse the flow of water so as to direct it through the hose connections for either drawing fluid from the body cavity or rinsing a desired location. Fits most standard faucet threads. Fabricated from chrome plated brass.
  • LW481 Extension – Buy me separately!
    The hydro-aspirator extension is fabricated from chrome plated brass. It provides further safety against polluted backflow.
  • LW482 Non-clogging Head – Buy me separately!
    The non-clogging aspirator head prevents large debris from entering and clogging the system.
  • Aspirator Tubing
    ~Aspirator/Trocar tubing, ID: .375″, OD 625″.
  • Splash Tubing
    ~Splash tubing for aspirator drain, Embalming and Autopsy tops. ID: 1″, OD 1.25″.
  • Pegboard Backsplash option available!
  • Please specify Left or Right configuration when ordering. Designates which side the tall filler spout resides on.
  • See images for available options and additional accessories.
  • For individual units, see our embalming machines and aspirators section.


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