1036-250M Mobile Hydraulic Necropsy Table

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  • U-shaped, mobile table is designed for use as a large animal necropsy table. It features all heavy gauge stainless steel construction. The tabletop and inner frame support are attached to an electrically powered hydraulic scissor lift. Inner frame support is fabricated from heavy gauge stainless steel tubing.
  • Designed to handle a centralized load up to 5000 lbs/ 2267 kg and an offset load up to 2500 lbs/ 1113 kg.
  • Accordion style bellows surround the scissor lift allowing for complete wash down of the unit.
  • Drainage via slot opening located on the back edge of the table, or small sink with strainer.
  • Easy to use up/down elevation control.
  • (2) swivel and (2) non-swivel casters.
  • Floor brake to secure in place.
  • Tabletop can be sized to your specific project requirements
  • See image for available options, typical dimensions, and additional accessories.
  • When planning an order, we will assist you in selecting options to complete your system.
  • Options based on available space.

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