WiFi Temperature Monitor & Alarm with External Sensor



Weight 5.0 lbs


  • A water proof (IP67) temperature recorder and alarm system with external sensor with the ability to be added to any new or existing refrigeration or freezer unit. Powered by 2 replaceable AA batteries and connects directly to Wi-Fi.
    Unit is a cloud-based alarm system performing accurate metering and a reliable logging.
    All setting parameters like measurement intervals, upload intervals, and minimum and maximum allowed temperature thresholds can be set through a web-based application on any platform. It sends out email and text message alarms as soon as temperature exceeds or falls below pre-set limits. It also provides access to the records history, graphs and periodical reports. Its hardware and software installation is very easy and does not require any specific tools or applications.

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  • Direct Wi-Fi Connection
  • Waterproof & Washable
  • Push Alarm for Out of Range Registration
  • Access to your Records on all Devices
  • Graphs, Reports & Detailed Records
  • Email & Text Message Alarms
  • Cloud Storage for +20 years

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    • Sensor- 1.5 meter (5 ft.) External temperature sensor (Stainless steel)
    • Temperature measurement and alarm range (Sensor only)- °C-55to +125 – °F-67 to +257
    • Upload temperature range*- °C-5 to +70 – °F20 to +160
    • Temperature measurement accuracy- °C± 0.5(± 0.9°F)
    • Power supply- 2 x AA replaceable batteries
    • Sensor’s protection class- IP67
    • Compliances- IEEE 802.3, EN 61326-1, EN 61010, EN 12830, FCCID: 2AHMR-ESP12F, CE, ROHS, HACCP
    • Battery life*- Up to 6years
    • Upload intervals- One hour to once a week (or on demand)
    • Record intervals- 1  minute  to  120  minutes  (down 2 sec. by order)
    • Interface- Wi-Fi -IEEE 802.3–2.4 GHz
    • Max. number of internal records- 16,384 –Automatic cloud sync and replace

    *Upload temperature range is the ambient condition required for the device to stay fully operational. These operations include being able to connect and sync with the cloud and send out alarms. However, the device can continue recording the data in its internal memory while in temperature measurement range.

    *Depends on reading and upload intervals and environmental conditions. Battery life is more than 6years in a standard set up. (Standard set up is room temperature 20°C measurement every 15 minutes upload every 48 hours).

Click here to view or download this items Component Data Sheet!

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